The aim of the new Group strategy from 2022 is to focus on people, assume responsibility for protecting the environment, and make our actions along the entire value chain and in all processes sustainable and climate-neutral. In this context, several projects and initiatives have been launched in recent years to help us organize our material flows responsibly and economically. These include, for example, the SALCOS®(Salzgitter Low CO2 Steelmaking) carbon avoidance approach. 

The actions of our employees at Salzgitter Bauelemente are based on the Group guidelines and the YOUNITED corporate mission statement of Salzgitter AG.

The realization of the mission statement and the goals and corporate principles contained therein places high demands to which each individual is committed. The mission statement and its corporate principles point the way along which the Salzgitter Group will achieve its ambitious objectives. We are committed to respecting and complying with legal framework conditions and ethical values.

In order to ensure the company's success in the long term, our organization, our products as well as our processes are constantly improved and further developed with regard to environmental protection.

The Salzgitter AG climate project

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of our manufacturing
processes are environmentally conscious.

out of 90 products meet the Salzgitter Group Policy.

Our environmental policy

The qualification and motivation of our employees as well as their understanding of the requirements for environmentally compatible processes are an essential aspect in achieving our set goals. For us, compliance with statutory and licensing regulations is both a matter of course and a minimum requirement.

In all our activities, it is our principle to minimize the impact on the environment as far as possible, to achieve the satisfaction of a wide range of stakeholders and to be a long-term partner through trusting cooperation, flexibility and reliability.

Our climate strategy for sustainable steel production

How can steel production become more climate-friendly?

Together with external partners, the Salzgitter Group is researching new technologies for the production of steel with lower CO2 emissions. The activities for the direct avoidance of CO2 emissions (Carbon Direct Avoidance, CDA) in steel production are summarized under the project title SAlzgitter Low CO2-Steelmaking (SALCOS®).

How is hydrogen produced from renewable energies?

Wind H2 is our entry into regenerative hydrogen production for low CO2 steel production. The aim of the sector coupling project "Windwasserstoff Salzgitter" is to generate hydrogen in Salzgitter by means of electrolysis and electricity from wind power. This is intended to create an important basis for the future use of larger quantities of hydrogen to reduce direct CO2 emissions in steel production.

How can "green hydrogen" be produced and stored?

The Salzgitter Group is participating with international partners in the "GrInHy" project – Green Industrial Hydrogen via reversible high-temperature electrolysis. Within the project "GrInHy 2.0", new ways of producing hydrogen are being researched that could make a contribution to CO2-reduced steel production in the future.

Our guide for the development and manufacture


Avoidance of environmental
damage and impairment


Responsible handling of environ-
mentally hazardous substances


Minimization of safety
and injury risks


Reduction of environmental impacts,
e.g. emissions


security measures


Ecologically and economically
sensible use of resources