Downloads - General

On this and the following pages we offer you the download of numerous product-related files as well as further information material.

Planning aids

Product rangePDF (DE)
Product brochure SZBE KensingtonPDF (DE)
Detail base pointPDF (DE)
Detail cross joint roofPDF (DE)
Detail cross joint wallPDF (DE)
Detail FirstPDF (DE)
Ordering aid foam-free area roofPDF (DE)
Temperature deformationPDF (DE)


Sandwich elementsPDF (DE)

Selection aids

Calculation perforated area proportion trapezoidPDF (DE)
Calculation of the proportion of perforated area in the cassettePDF (DE)
Dimensioning wall elementsPDF (DE)
Dimensioning roof elementsPDF (DE)
Available colors and coatingsPDF (DE)
Standard color card sandwich elementsPDF (DE)
Color chart SZBE KensingtonPDF (DE)
Care instructions for painted sheet metal surfacesPDF (DE)
Condensate reservoir 1PDF (DE)
Condensate reservoir 2PDF (DE)
Condensate reservoir 3PDF (DE)